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We take responsibility for the environment, people and our economic decisions. We are continuously reducing our Co2 consumption. We also offset our emissions with social and ecological projects. This year, for example, we are supporting a forest conservation project in Brazil that protects the biodiversity of the forest and offers many people in the region a professional future.

Foto: Familie und Solar Panel

Climate protection

At our location in Hamburg, the Hamburg Campus, we have the opportunity to take care of our environment every day: We separate waste, work almost paper-free, enjoy healthy food - including vegetarian - from the campus canteen, and many of us come to the office by bike. Not always, but more and more often. But there are also charging stations for e-vehicles. And in the garden behind the office complex is a listed building that has been extensively renovated. Rooms have been created here for retreats, relaxing or yoga moments.

Every year, we calculate our carbon footprint. climatepartner accompanies us in this process. In this way, we learn how we can become better. Whether it's green electricity, reducing heating costs, water or even using electronic devices for longer. We avoid using paper. Only in cases where customers do not yet want digital communication are letters still sent. We like to try out new things and leave well-trodden paths.

We also offset our CO2 consumption with social and ecological projects:

This year we are supporting an environnment project in Brazil.

But: We are not resting on our laurels.



Diversity - what is that actually? For us, it's real and we live it. Where better than in an environment where people from many nations and different cultural worlds come together. We currently represent 11 different countries in Hamburg alone. Equality is also part of this: The proportion of women and men is almost balanced at our company. There are just as many languages. So we converse in German and English. And because we also represent all this to the outside world, we are, among other things, a member of the Diversity Charter.

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Code of Conduct

No matter what origin, appearance or religion someone has, all people are welcome at our company. We always treat our - w,m,d, - partners, customers and employees openly. Supporting the Diversity Charter is in line with our ideals: in the "Code of Conduct", we as a Group have written down our values to which we are committed: Team Spirit, Innovation, Responsibility and Commitment. This means, for example: "We strive every day to make a difference, to contribute to the success of our customers and to the success of our own projects. We encourage the commitment and professional development of all our employees. We foster relationships based on trust and mutual respect, both externally and internally."

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Corporate Social Responsibility

When we talk about corporate social responsibility, the goals behind it are as follows: We want to be a responsible insurer, a responsible employer and at the same time a responsible business partner. As a responsible employer, we offer employees:

  • Many working time models

  • 50% allowance for the Germany ticket

  • Contribution to pension plan

  • Contractually agreed entitlement to further training and education

  • Mobile and hybrid working

  • Possibility of a career break, e.g. as a sabbatical

  • Discounted lunch in the campus canteen

  • Workplace ergonomics

  • Work time compensation