Practical training courses in conjunction with Société Générale Insurance.

“Even the best product is useless if I don’t have anyone that can sell it”. This old adage makes sense to everyone, but time and again it can be observed that too little is invested in training sales staff. In our experience guidelines, manuals and FAQs are not sufficient to communicate the advantages and disadvantages of a new product. Furthermore, it is seldom the case that the best product manager is also the best salesperson.

Therefore, at Société Générale Insurance, we have developed a comprehensive training program for our cooperation partners, specially designed to take account of marketing requirements, which will give your staff tools developed “by practitioners for practitioners” so that they can effectively sell your products.

We will of course work together with you to adapt our courses to your special requirements.

In demand

Whether we have newly developed the product that you are offering your customers or we are optimising it over time: there is always a demand for training, even when your team is growing. We provide customised courses, at our offices in Hamburg or at your own location.


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