Happiness is plannable. With financial security for your customers, for instance.

More credit defaults mean risks for lending institutions. Many customers are allowing today’s low interest rates to tempt them into purchases that they would not otherwise make. By insuring instalment credit we minimise the risk of default for your organisation and provide your customers with the security they need in order to fulfil their financial wishes. Now not only the new car or caravan, but also cruises can be had on an “enjoy now – pay later” basis.

Many people also wish to purchase their own home and this wish is greater than ever before. However, unforeseen developments can quickly turn the dream into a nightmare. The number of forced sales in Germany still lies at around 40,000 a year*. An important reason for this is difficulty in servicing the mortgage due to unemployment or inability to work.

With our coverage for mortgage loans counteracts these risks by paying the monthly instalments in the event of unemployment or inability to work. In the event of death we pay off the outstanding amount of the loan in one lump sum.**

* Source: welt.de  2012
** The respective Standard Terms of Insurance apply.

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