Incidental expenses are no minor matter.

It can happen to anyone. Suddenly the household budget has become very tight. One’s standard of living can be drastically reduced due to illness, accidents, unemployment or other circumstances. Any reserves are rapidly used up. In such a situation it is important that at least the ongoing expenses for accommodation, energy and monthly instalments can still be met. If not, shortly after a return debit, people in such situations can find themselves without a telephone, without heating and without mobility. To prevent things from reaching this stage, Société Generale Insurance offers various cover packages that ensure that basic needs* are covered for the foreseeable future in such cases. Whether it is tenants with a low income who are affected or entrepreneurs with a high monthly income – a private or a business situation – every default is worth covering. Feel free to contact us.

By the way:

The average household has to spend some 20% of its monthly income on unavoidable incidental expenses: electricity, heating water, snow and ice clearance, telephone, radio and TV licence, waste disposal or chimney sweeps. Default protection insurance can cover all this and more.

* The respective Standard Terms of Insurance apply.


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