Credit protection is worthwhile in many respects

Whether it’s the next holiday or the purchase of a new television – for most of your customers the overdraft facility or the credit card has become the norm for the short-term provision of finance. However, if they should become unable to work or unemployed, payment of monthly instalments can quickly develop into a problem if income is no longer sufficient to cover all recurrent payment obligations.

With the product from Société Générale Insurance to protect credit accounts you can present yourself to your customers as a lending institution that is a responsible partner. In the event of inability to work or unemployment we pay the monthly instalments and your customers are therefore enabled to repay their loans. In the event of death or serious illness we repay the outstanding amount of the loan in a lump sum.* For  you this reduces the risk of bad debts while at the same time improving your relationship with your customers.

Not only large consumer loans, but also credit cards with revolving repayment options are suited to this type of cover, in order to minimise the monthly burden for your customers in cases of emergency.

All product modules can be individually tailored to your specific requirements. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

* The respective Standard Terms of Insurance apply.

For whom is this product of interest?

Automotive banks, lessors, financial institutions, savings banks, mail-order companies, online shops, energy utilities, providers of IT services, providers of telecommunications services, mortgage lenders, construction companies, real estate management companies, …

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