Straightforward help in difficult times

Income protection insurance can be taken out independently of term insurance or occupational disability insurance. It does not have to be associated with a loan or credit.

Depending on your household and income, it is possible to identify a possible shortfall. This shortfall is the basis on which your requirements are calculated. Income protection insurance then helps you maintain your standard of living in the event of sickness, unemployment or the death of the breadwinner, for instance. The great advantage of such insurance is that it does not have to run for many years, but can also be taken out for just a short period. If the second earner is no longer able to work, for instance, or if you have recently become self-employed. Income protection is interesting for everyone and anyone can afford it.

Your customers select the insured benefits according to their individual requirements. So they now have a way of bridging a possible shortfall.


How can income be insured?

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