A stroke of good fortune! Leasing instalments are also insured.

If monthly instalments can no longer be paid due to unemployment or inability to work, this often means that the leased item can no longer be used. This can often be an enormous disadvantage, particularly for small businesses and in the worst case it may even cause them to close down.

This is where the leasing protection product from Société Générale Insurance is of relevance. In the event of unemployment or inability to work we will pay the monthly leasing instalments so that the leased item can remain in the lessee’s possession.* In the event of the lessee’s death the outstanding leasing instalments are paid to the lessor in a lump sum.

For you as a lessor this reduces the risk of default and at the same time you improve your relationship with your customers.

* The respective Standard Terms of Insurance apply.

By the way:

In 2014 leasing investments in Germany amounted to EUR 50.2 billion, usually for equipment. More than 50 per cent of leasing investments in new business with movable property was accounted for by passenger and estate cars. Other important product groups are buses, trucks and trailers, as well as production machinery.

Source: bdl.leasingverband.de


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