Reliable and flexible. For demanding partners.

Société Générale Insurance owes its success to finely tuned interactions between many qualified staff. This enables us to provide a professional service for different companies. Through the regular exchange of information with our partners and within our team we are able to identify trends at a very early stage and transform them into finely tuned product concepts that are in demand on the market. Our future development and the pooling of versatile skills ensures the progress that brings success our partners. And at Société Générale Insurance they benefit from this threefold: by increasing earnings, minimising their credit risk and through innovative and customer-oriented product concepts that guarantee customer satisfaction on a long-term basis.

Success through cooperation with Société Générale Insurance 

As your partner, we naturally respond to your particular needs and do not simply offer you standardised product solutions. Direct cooperation with the staff of your establishment and the joint development of the best possible solution for you therefore go without saying for us. Benefit from our longstanding experience of product development for various partners and trust in the competence of our staff.

During the development of the product, but also during its life cycle, we will permanently observe the market and together adapt our products to current market conditions or the legal situation.

You can therefore be certain of always having a competitive product and of being able to offer your customers an optimal product.

Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

For us partnership means more than simply delivering products

The negotiations are over and the contracts have been signed, but this is often where the real work begins. What are the sales arguments? Where is the best place to integrate the tariff into the sales systems? Who trains the staff? We will support you in all these questions and help you to achieve an optimal result.