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Online shopping – whether it’s a tumble dryer or a smartphone, a cruise or a musical instrument, today larger items can aso be paid for by instalments with just a few clicks. This is very convenient. Consumers naturally think that they will be able to pay these instalments, often over many years.

But things can also go wrong.

This is because unemployment or inability to work can affect anyone and are not limited to specific occupations. If the worst comes to the worst you will then only get about 60% of your previous net income. At a net salary of EUR 1,500 you are therefore short of EUR 600 every month – money that you would otherwise have used to pay your monthly credit instalments. Reason enough to divest yourself of such worries.

For just a few euros a month we will pay the monthly credit instalments during the time when you are unemployed or unable to work, thus giving you additional financial leeway in this difficult time.*

This protection is available for many credit products, such as consumer credit, mortgages, leasing agreements. The best thing is to simply have a word with our cooperation partners when entering into a financing contract.


* The respective Standard Terms of Insurance apply.

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